Innovating your Detailing Business with Software

Vehicle detailing is a high tech business — ceramic coatings, microfibers, and advanced chemical formulas are only some of the technology that drives customers to detailers. When we spoke to detailers about how they scheduled and managed appointments, we found that most one person detailing companies just used a pen and paper for their schedule. Why should high tech tools only benefit the vehicle? So we set out to build a technological solution to the unique scheduling problems detailing businesses have. When we developed Turbo Detail, we wanted to focus on three main areas to help one person detailing companies: marketing, simplifying appointments, and saving time with scheduling.


Everyone knows the importance of having a website and making sure your business online, and mobile detailers are no exception. However, websites are very expensive and can be hard to manage. Turbo Detail creates a website for your business to showcase photos of your work, to display your contact info, and to make it easy for customers to create their own appointments online. These websites are sleek and easy to use, with just the information that you need.

Online Appointments

Put down the pen and paper. Let your customers make their own appointments. It’s easy for your customers to make their own appointments, they enter all the information you need — photos, vehicle type, services, and more — so you can respond with an accurate price quote. Your customers see the same schedule you do, and it updates with availability automatically. It’s easy for you to entire appointments yourself too!

Better Scheduling

Managing when you’ll schedule each job can be very difficult, especially for mobile detailers. Turbo Detail automatically schedules mobile detailing jobs that are geographically close to each other for the same day, which means less running around for you. Turbo Detail also will only let customers schedule jobs where you have less than a maximum number of jobs already scheduled.


These features combine to form a powerful tool that helps your detailing business use technology every step of the way!


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