Turbo Detail


Turbo Detail provides an all-in-one solution for auto detailers to manage and grow their business.

Marketing Platform

Create your own page on Turbo Detail to accept appointments, showcase your work, and house contact information. This page can work on its own as a marketing tool or in conjunction with a website.

Scheduling System

Turbo Detail allows you and your customers to schedule detailing jobs. Turbo Detail intelligently books jobs located in the same area, on the same day, to optimize efficiency. Providing a platform for customers to schedule their

Job Organization

At its core, Turbo Detail stores and organizes upcoming and past detailing jobs. When entering a detailing job, you provide customer and car info, images of the car, services performed, location, and more. Turbo Detail

Liability Managment

In each job you add, Turbo Detail saves and displays images of damage to the vehicle. By having a record of existing damage to the vehicle, customers cannot claim you caused the damage, saving money

Better For Your Customers

Turbo Detail not only allows your customers to book their own jobs, but to edit their appointments and images as well. This allows you to respond to each job appointment with a price quote, rather