Save your detailing business time with powerful and easy to use software

What is Turbo Detail?

Turbo Detail is a web app for vehicle detailers that organizes jobs, markets your business, and allows you and customers to schedule appointments.

Turbo Detail is the first software solution built exclusively for one person vehicle detailing companies to grow, manage, and organize their business. Turbo Detail creates a website for your detailing business where you can showcase your work and customers can create appointments with you. Once you or a customer has created an appointment, you review the information and confirm the job, responding to the customer with a price quote based on images and information supplied by the customer. Turbo Detail organizes and stores these jobs, so you can keep track of your business, providing a simple and thorough solution for growing your business.

Your own website, at a fraction of the cost.

Turbo Detail creates your business a website where you can put images, contact information, and more. This website houses the information your customers need.

Mobile first

Turbo Detail is designed to work well on smartphones, so you can add and manage jobs anywhere.

Accept appointments online

Turbo Detail makes it easy for customers to make their own appointments with the information you need.

Unlock business insights

Turbo Detail provides detailed statistics on your business so you can understand your business better.

Complete Job Management

Turbo Detail keeps track of a detailing job from start to finish.

How easily detailing jobs are tracked on Turbo Detail:

  • Appointment created by you or your customer
  • Customer add images or adjusts information
  • You review job information, add a price, and confirm job.
  • Customer is notified, and the appointment is scheduled
  • At job completion, add images and mark job as finished.


You and your customer have a record of the detailing job!


Powerful Business Insights

Turbo Detail provides statistics on your detailing jobs to help you unlock ideas, trends, and information about your detailing business.

  • Revenue Earned

  • Number of detailing jobs per day

  • Most popular services

  • Popular locations


Perfect for small detailing businesses

Auto detailing is the perfect business for one person to run, and can be a main source of income, or serve as a side job. Some detailers may feel that they don’t need to use a dedicated business tool like Turbo Detail because they don’t get enough work. Even in a smaller business, there is still for one person to manage and keep track of all at one time. 


Reduces Liability

Upload images of damage to the vehicle before you start work. You and your client will have a record of preexisting damage, releasing you of responsibility.

Understands Limitations

One person detailing companies are common, but can only do so many jobs in a day. Turbo Detail helps you schedule only the amount of work you can handle by allowing you to close off dates, and only schedule a certain amount of jobs per day.

Optimizes Your Schedule

For mobile detailers, scheduling customer visits can be a hassle. Turbo Detail automatically schedules jobs in the same area for the same day for fewer trips

Makes Scheduling Easy

Making appointments over the phone is hard, you aren't able to see your full schedule and it takes time. With Turbo Detail, customers can easily make their own appointment and they pick the date and time, which you can revise.

Begin optimizing your detailing business today

The first month of Turbo Detail is only one dollar. After one month, it will renew at $15 per month. Your Turbo Detail account has no account limitations and includes unlimited phone or email support. You can cancel easily any time.

“If you’re looking for a program you can use for scheduling and many more stuff check out Turbo Detail. I have been using it for months and love it. It's cheap at only $15 a month you won't find anything better for the price and makes your life a lot easier. I know that was 1 big problem I had for awhile was finding a good service for scheduling, website, and more. I'm telling you if you use it you will love it!”
Cory Stamm
Stamm Auto Detailing

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